Darwin Festival is committed to enhancing the environment through our operations wherever possible, and minimising any negative impact.

We have several initiatives to help achieve that goal.

Water refill stations installed by PowerWater are at Festival Park, George Brown Botanic Gardens and The Amphitheatre. 

Darwin’s water is good enough to bottle and too good to waste:

  • 90% of Darwin’s water supply comes from the Darwin River Dam.
  • Darwin River Dam is a closed catchment that protects the high quality of its run off. This avoids the use of costly and artificial treatment;
  • The Top End generally has more than six months without rain and is solely reliant on wet season inflows to fill the Darwin River Dam.
  • Darwin residents use three times as much water per household than other Australians and twice as much as other comparable cities such as Townsville and Cairns; and
  • Up to 70% of our water is either wasted through leaks or used outdoors.

It’s easy to check for leaks and be more water efficient in the garden and outdoors without changing our lifestyle. These simple actions can help you save money.

Go to for more information.


Darwin Festival is committed to minimising the amount of waste, and managing the onsite collection of that waste efficiently. Festival goers are encouraged to think ‘zero waste’ and to take home what they bring to our venues.

The Festival commits to continuing its policy of reducing the percentage of waste that goes to landfill.  All cans, glass, cardboard, plastic and cooking oil are separated and recycled. Bins around venues are clearly identified for either recyclable materials or non-recyclable rubbish.

Greening Darwin Festival 

In 2015 Darwin Festival collaborated with the Environment Centre NT’s COOLmob program, supported by City of Darwin, on Greening Darwin Festival by developing an emissions baseline from which to work to decrease our environmental footprint and mainstream sustainability in our operations.   

You can support our efforts by minimising your car travel to and from Festival events, taking your own cup with you and using the recycling bins. For more information or to support the work of the Environment Centre visit their website.